Tribute to Sanford Alwine and “Stillwaters”

My friend and mentor, Sanford Alwine founder of “Stillwaters” retreat center near Carlisle, PA, passed on to Life Everlasting June 9, 2016 .  I cannot say enough about how his spiritual direction, friendship and mentoring has meant to me since we met in 2012.  In October of 2012, I was inspired to take some of the many photographs I had from my day retreats to Stillwaters, and some of my notes in my journal from those visits, and put them into a photo book.  I gave one to Sanford and Lois, and wanted to share that book with others here.

I dedicate this book to the vision, love, and giving spirit of Lois and Sanford that has blessed so many in their life journeys.  May God hold Lois and her family very close as they continue their journey without Sanford’s presence.

You can read his obituary here:

You can find my photo book of Stillwaters here:

Stillwaters Retreat Photo Book #1

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